Old Advertisements 1937

Old advertisements are one of my favourite genres of vintage material and today I’m sharing a page with adverts dating back to 1937.

The page of old advertisements was scanned from a 1937 woman’s magazine that I own called Home Chat and contains 5 different ads: Symington’s coffee essence, Brown’s barley kernels, Cephos (apparantly relieves cold and flu symptoms), Blanchard’s Pills (a remedy for women’s ailments…) and Melita hair destroyer (unwanted hair remover).

This is an original scan of the page:

Old Advertisements Page 1937

One can only assume what the Blanchard’s Pills advert alleviates when referring to ‘women’s ailments’; it’s not very descriptive!

Blanchard's Pills Advert - Old Advertisements 1937

UGLY HAIR! what a way to get your advert noticed with that title!

Melita Hair Destroyer - Old Advertisements Page 1937

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