Free Printable Vintage Trees

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It’s time to show my creative side and share with you four free printable vintage trees, framed with an old paper background.

I made these sheets in Photoshop which is an editor that I’ve grown to love through four years of use. I’m self-taught and I still watch Photoshop videos to this day on YouTube. I love to watch new tutorials from professionals in order to become more knowledgeable about the software and produce better work.

The free printable tree images are all high-resolution and A4 in size which is 210x297mm.

Antique tree sheet 1:

Antique Tree Sheet 1 - Free Printable Vintage Trees

Antique tree sheet 2:

Antique Tree Sheet 2 - Free Printable Vintage Trees

Antique tree sheet 3

Antique Tree Sheet 3 - Free Printable Vintage Trees

Antique tree sheet 4:

Antique Tree Sheet 4 - Free Printable Vintage Trees

If you want to be creative and add your own image, poem or message, here is the frame with just the old paper background:

Decorative Frame Old Paper

These antique sheets were quite easy to make in Photoshop but you could also produce very similar results in free editors like Canva.

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