Retro Woman Baking Images

Today's post is retro woman baking images that I've edited carefully to give you fresh up-cycled material perfect for use in your vintage projects. The retro woman baking pics are all set in the kitchen and all three women are stood at a table with baking equipment and ingredients. The 1st … Continue reading
Old Advertisements

Old Advertisements 1937

Old advertisements are one of my favourite genres of vintage material and today I'm sharing a page with adverts dating back to 1937. The page of old advertisements was scanned from a 1937 woman's magazine that I own called Home Chat and contains 5 different ads: Symington's coffee essence, … Continue reading
Vintage Skull Anatomy

Vintage Skull Anatomy

It's time to delve into my personal treasure trove of  vintage material to share two illustrations of human skull anatomy from a 1942 publication. I scanned the skull anatomy from the 28th edition of Gray's Anatomy, a medical publication that's teeming with pictures and diagrams; the images show … Continue reading
Magicair Hair Dryer Advert - 1950's Hair Dryer

1950’s Hair Dryer Advert

Today I'm sharing something from my personal collection: a 1950's hair dryer advert that I scanned from a publication called Step-By-Step Hair-Do's which was a Woman and Home special booklet. The 1950's hair dryer was called Magicair; which was a hand's free appliance that could fit on to a table … Continue reading
Christopher Columbus Portrait

Christopher Columbus Portrait

Today's post is definitely one for the history buffs among us; a sepia toned Christopher Columbus portrait. I say this is a Christopher Columbus portrait when in actual fact during the Explorer's life time either no portraits were made of him or none survived. Portraits after Christopher's death … Continue reading